[No Oven] How to make Chicken Mayo Sandwich |Chicken Mayonnaise sandwiches Recipe by CookingWithHira

Ingredients of Chicken Mayo Sandwich:-

  1. Bread slices 8
  2. Chicken 130 g
  3. cabbage 1 1/2 cup,
  4. Green Bell Pepper 1,
  5. Eggs 2,
  6. Butter / Ghee half cup,
  7. Vinegar few drops,
  8. Mayonnaise half cup,


  1. Salt half tsp,
  2. Black Pepper half tsp,
  3. Red Chili Flakes half tsp,
  4. Coriander seeds crushed 1 tsp,

Method to make Chicken Mayo Sandwich:- Take a pan add some water, vinegar, salt and chicken. Cook until meat become tender. Now in a pan add oil followed by sliced cabbage. stir for a while then add sliced capsicum, eggs, red chili flakes, crushed Coriander and salt. Cook for few minutes and then leave from heat. Now in this mixture add Mayonnaise and mix place this mixture over the bread slice and then over it place the other piece of bread. Shallow fry these Sandwich with butter. Now these tempting, crunchy, healthy and tasty sandwiches are ready. Enjoy to it in a snack time during the rainy season with tea or hot coffee.

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