Perfect Burger sauce | Easy Sauce and Dip | Chili Garlic Mayo | Amazing Dip with chili garlic mayo

Perfect Burger sauce | Easy Sauce and Dip | Chili Garlic Mayo | Amazing Dip with chili garlic and mayo
#PerfectBurgersauce #EasySauceandDip #ChiliGarlicMayo #AmazingDipwithchiligarlicandmayo

Secrets of French Fries Sauce Recipe | Best Sauce | Perfect sandwiches and burger sauce
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Today Ma Sha Allah my 6 years old daughter ? have made this most favourite Chilli Garlic sauce Recipe For you. Working with kids in a kitchen is a fun ??.Do involve your kids in creating new recipes. It will leave a good impact on their personalities.
Now lets talk about the ingredients of this perfect sauce which can be served with and used within the recipes of French Fries, Chicken Shwarma, even on the topping of Most viral pizza toppings, italuan sandwiches, tacos and the list is so long ? so check the recipe
below ?

Ingredients of Garlic sauce Recipe:-

Mayonnaise half cup
Chilli Garlic sauce half cup
Red chilli flakes 1/4 tsp
Garlic clove 1

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مكونات وصفة صلصة الثوم: – مايونيز نصف كوب نصف كوب صلصة الفلفل والثوم رقائق الفلفل الأحمر 1/4 ملعقة صغيرة فص ثوم 1

لہسن کی چٹنی کے اجزاء:- مایونیز آدھا کپ مرچ گارلک سوس آدھا کپ لال مرچ فلیکس 1/4 عدد لہسن کی لونگ 1

Sarımsak sosu tarifi Malzemeler: – Mayonez yarım su bardağı Biber Sarımsak sosu yarım su bardağı Kırmızı pul biber 1/4 çay kaşığı 1 diş sarımsak

蒜蓉酱配方成分:- 蛋黄酱半杯 辣椒蒜酱半杯 红辣椒片 1/4 茶匙 蒜瓣 1个

गार्लिक सॉस रेसिपी की सामग्री:- मेयोनेज़ आधा कप चिली गार्लिक सॉस आधा कप लाल मिर्च के गुच्छे 1/4 छोटा चम्मच लहसुन लौंग 1

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