[Subtitles] Indian Chicken egg soup banana ka tarika | best soup recipe by Cooking With Hira

Ingredients of Chicken Egg soup

  1. ‌Domestic Chicken half KG
  2. ‌oil 1/3 cup‌water 3 liter
  3. ‌Garlic cloves 12-15
  4. ‌soya sauce 35 ml
  5. ‌chili sauce 15 ml
  6. ‌vinegar few drops
  7. ‌black pepper powder 1 tsp
  8. ‌Salt to taste
  9. ‌Corn flour 1 cup
  10. ‌eggs 2

Method to make chicken egg soup:-

Take a pan and half cup oil in it.
When the oil got heated slightly put chicken and stir till it became white. Also make sure that the water that released by chicken should also dry. Now add 3 liter water and let it boil. When the water boils cover the pan with a lid. Let it cook on low flame for 3 hours. After three hours take out the chicken from broth. Now boneless the chicken meat. Discard the bones. Cut the boneless chicken with the help of knife into small pieces.
Now chop the garlic. Take a pan add a little bit oil, put the garlic in it. Cook garlic till it became transparent. Now add the boiled chicken. After few minutes pour the both into the chicken and wait till it boils. As soon as it start boiling put soya sauce, Chili Sauce, vinegar, salt and black pepper.
Now take a bowl and mix corn flour with water. Pour this mixture into the boiling broth till it became thick as the consistency of soup.
Next you need to break eggs and whisk well. Pour these eggs gradually like a string in the boiling soup. chicken egg soup is ready to serve.
Desi Chicken Egg soup is perfect choice in winter season for a starter.

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