[Subtitles] Viral Video of Spiral Potatoes | Skewer Potato | Tornado potato | Potato on a stick


  1. Potatoes 1 kg
  2. Spiral Potato cutter or Machine
  3. Oil For Frying
  4. Salt or chaat masala to taste

Method of  Cooking Spiral Potatoes Recipe:-
‌You need A Spiral cutter, some potatoes and wooden sticks
‌First, butter the sticks
‌Now insert this stick in middle of potato and cross it
‌Now insert long part of stick in the hole of cutter
‌Hold the potato from back side and tuck it in behind needles
‌Now move the rod forward by pushing handle upward
‌once it is done? start spinning the handle
‌Wao that’s amazing ? spiral Potatoes are made
‌Gradually separate and take it in shape of spiral
‌Now deep fry it. And serve with your favorite sauce and enjoy during watching fifa world cup Ronaldo football playing?

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