Most Famous kofta curry | Frozen Kofta | how to cook frozen kofta |Meat balls recipe CookingWithHira

Ingredients of Frozen Kofta Curry Recipe:-

  1. Frozen Meatballs 7
  2. Frozen Onions paste half cup
  3. Frozen Ginger Garlic paste 2 tsp,
  4. Frozen tomato 1
  5. Frozen green chili paste half tsp
  6. Fresh Coriander few leaves

Dry Spices that includes:-

  1. Red chili powder half tsp
  2. Salt half tsp,
  3. Turmeric powder half tsp
  4. whole spice powder half tsp
  5. whole spice that includes:-
  6. Black pepper 6-7
  7. cloves 6-7
  8. black cardamom 1
  9. cinnamon sticks 1 inch piece
  10. cumin seeds half tsp

Koftah Curry ls such a recipe that present in different forms in every culture of the world. Though there are hundreds of methods of cooking Koftah curry. But here Cooking With Hira sharing with you that how to cook Freezed koftahs. Not only Freezed Koftahs but also Vegetables ingredients are also freezed. Like Freezed Onion, Freezed Green chillis Paste. Freezed Ginger Garlic paste and Freezed Tomatoes. In my coming videos you will also learn the method of freezing Recipes. So stay tuned with Cooking With Hira.

Method to cook Frozen Kofta Curry:-

Take a pan add oil and onion paste in it. fry onion paste until it became transparent. Now add ginger garlic paste and cook for few minutes. After this add tomato paste and cook. its time to add some dry spices in it. First put turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt and whole spices with splash of water as shown in the video. Try to Cook carefully, spices should not be burnt. After cooking of few minutes, add half liter water and let it boil. when water started to simmer. Put frozen mutton meat balls in it and cover the pan with lid. let it cook for 20–30 minutes. After 20 minutes take out one meat ball from the gravy and check by cutting into half that whether it is cooked or not? if it is cooked dry the remaining water in the gravy and cook the gravy for 5-6 minutes more. when the gravy leaves oil. Pour 2 cups of water and wait till its boil. Now add green chilli, fresh coriander, and whole spice powder in it . let it cook for couple of minutes and dish it out.

Frozen meatballs curry are ready to serve now. Enjoy with Rice or Chapati.

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