[Subtitles] Chicken liver fry recipe | Best spicy liver fry | murghi ki kaleji banana ka tarika


  1. Mustard Oil half a cup
  2. Chicken liver half kg
  3. Red chilli powder half tsp
  4. salt half tsp
  5. black pepper 1 tsp
  6. turmeric powder half tsp
  7. whole spice powder half tsp
  8. lemon juice 2 tbsp

Method of Chicken Liver Fry Recipe:-

‌In a pan Add half cup mustard oil
‌when it heated, turn off the flame and splash with water
‌when splashes reduced, again take it onto the stove.
‌now add washed liver into it. Cook it on high flame. Until water dried
‌its time to add half tsp turmeric powder, half tsp red chili powder,
‌cook for more few minutes
‌now check whether liver is cooked or not?
‌now add black pepper powder, whole Spice powder half tsp
‌followed by squeeze d lemon
‌cook for more 2 or three minutes and after it is read

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